“…We Value the Core Concepts of a Partnership enough to embody all endeavors by a patient and triumphant scale. Our job is to preserve long term commitments, maintain excellent communication, show cooperation on all counterparts and create cost efficient margins which generate a healthy residual platform on an annual consistent basis. ”


We call this our “CAPTAX CRAVINGS”, at CapTax we are always eager to fill-up the corporate table with an abundance of fresh fruitful ideas! Building or expounding on a business relationship to create the ultimate synergy network amongst its associates and advocates is simply routine. Our clients always say “…service Guaranteed to get the Max@CAPTAX!” Join the electric team of Affiliate Partners, and consider yourself one of the family. WELCOME ABOARD!

Capital Finance Insurance Group



Capital Desktop's in-depth tax calculations allow you to prepare the most complicated tax returns with confidence and ease. The following is a list of the various automatic tax calculations performed by Capital Desktop


• Speed and efficiency  • Fast and accurate calculations  • Management Dashboard
• Easy to learn Forms-based approach  • Permissions-based access  • Remote office management• Quick office set-up  
• Eliminates desktop support  • Permission-based administration  • Branded with your logo  • Top-notch technical support
TextLink • Handheld Scanner • Electronic Signature Pads • Mobile App • Banking



In addition to covering the penalties and interest, Protection Plus will now cover up to $2,500 in tax liability in situations where a legitimate preparer error has occurred.


Protection Plus works to get denied credits such as EIC, Child Tax Credits, and Education Credits funded. We also cover Schedule A and Schedule C at no additional charge.



Protection Plus will take on the task of working directly with your client and the IRS should an audit arise. Protection Plus has a team of dedicated, bilingual professionals ready to assist your clients.

Protection Plus is now offering at no extra charge,help with taxpayers who owe tax debts to the IRS. When additional taxes, penalties, and interest are assessed, working with the IRS can be a confusing and stressful experience.


Yes its TRUE!! At CapTax, you can receive full coverage health benefits right this very moment! We have the solution for dental/optical/illness/rehabilitation treatments/injuries all guaranteed for the entire family! Have ZERO insurance? NO PROBLEM! Have a large family? NO PROBLEM! Have pre-existing medical problems? NO PROBLEM!! Have ZERO money??? ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO PROBLEM!!! At CapTaxMax we offer solutions NOT PROBLEMS!! Visit our LOCATIONS and Come in or Call today to get signed up!



The Income Tax School (ITS) is acknowledged by tax industry and IRS executives as the national standard for tax preparer training and was ranked #1 by Trendlists for online tax education. ITS was chosen above all U.S. tax schools to partner with a Fortune 1000 company and is referred to by them as “Best in Class.”

ITS is a comprehensive solution for all of your tax training needs. You can join the thousands of tax professionals, CPAs, tax business owners, national tax industry firms, tax service franchisors, colleges/universities and career schools that have relied on these quality tax courses for years.

Capital Tax Service’s relationship with ACE Check Cashing makes it easy for you to have your tax return prepared and check cashed at the same convenient location! Please visit our contacts page to visit a participating location near you!



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