Q. How much do you charge?

A.Its "FREE-stimate" meaning we do not charge a penny to inform you how much money your return will be. Once you are happy with your return amount, our cost is per form.WHY? Because the more forms you have, the more $$$ you receive. So would you rather go to an HR Block, Jackson Hewitt or Liberty Tax who rushes your return and gets you back less? Or would you rather have a business whose PRIMARY invested objective, is to GENUINELY spend time to locate more $$$ for your hard work? Now that's CapTax!

Q. How long does the process take?

A. The time-frames can vary only because QUALITY is our nature. At CapTax, our motto is find the most capital available for EVERY tax return.  In doing such, the time slots are case sensitive to whatever your needs are at the moment. You can fax or scan and email your information and we can have an update as little as an hour or you can participate in our DROP-BOX service which is a 24-48hr response. The tax preparer takes  pride in meeting your needs. This is why our SERVICE-LEVEL is unmatched across the country. Now that's CapTax!

Q. How much will my refund be?

A. It is defined by the numbers from your W-2(s) and tax deductions. The key is finding the qualifications which best suit your situation. Every tax client circumstance will be different and not the same, which is the beauty to locating the max refund possible that the IRS will allow. Now that's CapTax!

Q. How fast will I receive my refund?

A. Once your file is submitted to the IRS, the determining factor is gauged by IRS approval dates and which product you are approved for based on the information you provided. The average is usually, 1 to 2 weeks. The instant and rapid refund returns are subject to IRS and Bank approvals. Meaning if the Banks around the nation do not offer this feature, then it is not available.

Q. What is a RAL?

A. Refund Anticipation Loan, is for individuals who have an immediate need for their tax refund. The RAL may be the product of choice if you are needing money before your tax refund has been processed by the IRS. How it works is the bank will lend funds on the anticipation of the taxpayer's refund being deposited from the IRS to cover the loan. Typically, these loans are granted within 1-3 days. Once the loan is approved we would contact you and print the check! Now that's CapTax!

Q. What is a DDRAL?

A. Direct Deposit Refund Anticipation Loans, are perfect for taxpayers who have an immediate need for their tax loan proceeds and have a bank account. The bank will lend funds on the anticipation of the taxpayer's refund being deposited from the IRS to cover the loan, same as the RAL. Typically, these loans are granted in 1-2 days.

Q.What is ERC?

A. Electronic Refund Check, is the normal IRS standard procedure. It is the answer for taxpayers who do not want a refund anticipation loan and who need or want a paper check After the IRS approves and deposits the refund. Typically dispersal is 10-14 days.

Q.What is DDR?

A. Direct Deposit Refund, like the ERC is not a loan. When the IRS deposits the refund it will go directly into the taxpayer's account minus the taxpreparer fees. There are no checks to print. 

Q.What is the Corporate Purpose of CapTax?

A. Be America's #1 tax SERVICE industry. Be America's #1 dynamic difference maker in customer financial AWARENESS for their ability to reach maximum LIVING success. Now that's CapTax!

Q. What does CapTax represent?

A.  To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To BE a positive influence on all who come in contact with CapTax.

Q. How can I share my opinions and feedback regarding my recent experience(s) at Capital Tax Service location(s)?

A.  Capital Tax Service is always grateful when customers contact us to offer feedback about their experiences at our offices and our existing products and services. To provide us with your feedback or opinions concerning recent experiences or about our products or services. Capital Tax Service LLC highly values the innovative ideas and interests from its customers and we would love to hear from each and every one of you. We have a corporate team who strongly views, accepts and respectively attempts incorporate your suggestions into our business. We indeed honor the individual whose idea is put into action by placing their name upon the wall of CAPITAL CLASS if they so choose. NOW THAT'S CAPITAL TAX!!!!


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